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Hypnotherapy and Psychophysical (Energy) Healing


Hypnosis is a deep relaxation state where the Client feels comfortable and secure, and can accept information that is being fed into the subconscious mind directly. It is a state between waking and sleeping where the Client can feel physical sensations and yet be aware of external impressions. You can see as well as hear and still be in a state of hypnosis. Therapy success depends on the teamwork between the patient and the therapist.

No, I don't do the TV dogs, cats and ducks bit!

Hypnotherapy is effective for working with compulsive behaviours and habits; anxiety, phobias; pain control and much more.

They myths? I cannot (and don't want to) make you do things under hypnosis that you don't want to do. Your sub-conscious is always present and will keep a focus on safety at all times.

We enter the hypnotic state often - that dreamy time before sleep and before fully waking - reading a book - "how did I get here" moments.

You will remember everything about the time and there is no physical touch during the process. 

Psychophysical Healing (PH)

PH works on the bio-energetic field of the body. It safely releases blockages in the energy field, which have been produced by mental, emotional or physical traumas. It can produce a feeling of lightness and well being which follows from the freedom of the energy flowing through the whole system. On occasions, Clients have experienced a mild headache from the energy release, sort of like the feeling of a strong massage.

PH assists to remove blockages due to accidents, surgery, traumatic events (grief and loss) and helps maintain good health by cleaning and balancing your personal energy. Very relaxing.

PH can be performed either 'hands on' or 'hands off' for your comfort. Please dress in light, comfortable, non- synthetic clothes.

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