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Testimonials (Can also be viewed in Face Book)

"Phil is my very wonderful supervisor. I've worked with other therapists and supervisors over the years and Phil is without doubt above and beyond anyone I've worked with before. Nothing is too hard, he always goes the extra mile and is sincere and generous. I can't recommend him highly enough" S.C.

"Phil's gentle warmth and unassuming wisdom puts you immediately at ease. I cannot recommend Phil highly enough as a therapist, supervisor and a genuinely gorgeous soul. Seeking your personal truth in times of challenge is confronting yet Phil creates a safe and open space to explore the pressures and possibilities so that you can once again find our way" E.D. 

"Phil is one of the most remarkable therapists and supervisors I have ever met. I started my training / counselling journey with him, and I'm thankful I had someone who went above and beyond to make me a therapist who cares as much about Clients as he does. 10/10 professionally and personally - keep up the great work Phil" R.S.

"I have had the privilege of listening to Phil share some of his knowledge in Workshops. Clients I have referred to Phil have commented how good he was in helping them solve their own problem. Phil is a professional with a very human approach. He listens first and is respectful to other people's thoughts and ideas." P.F.

"I recommend Phil to anyone who needs counselling, he has a wealth of experience! Furthermore, Phil is sensitive and gentle with wonderful empathy, is nonjudgmental, and displays unconditional acceptance, which allows for a safe and trusting place for people to go on that journey into self-discovery and healing." D.J.

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