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Effective Gentle Caring


A husband, father and grandfather with life experience, Phil also has:

Bachelor of Counselling - UNE

Bachelor of Commerce - UoN

PACFA Reg Clinical 20609

Victims Services Provider Reg #A2698

Clinical Supervisor

Diploma of Hypnotherapy

Diploma of Psychophysical Healing

Over 25 years working with people in Counselling settings.

I am not a psychologist - I am a Counsellor!


Phil commenced practice as an Hypnotherapist in 1996. Since then, he has gained experience with:

  • Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter 15 years - telephone Counsellor / face to face Counsellor & Supervisor / Telephone & F2F Supervisor / trainer
  • SIDS and Kids Newcastle and Hunter - Bereavement Counsellor, trainer
  • Relationships Australia - group facilitator, men's domestic violence groups, parenting after separation groups, relationship building, training
  • ARAFMI - Supervisor
  • EAP's - Employment Assistance Programs - as Counsellor working with onsite, critical incident, individual,  phone, Zoom, training
  • Private practice for 25 years
  • Fully accredited and insured.
  • National Serviceman - RAAC

1,000's of Hours Experience 

Working with couples, individuals and groups as Counsellor, Supervisor, Trainer and Mentor.

Time to stop carrying to load for everyone.

"Self-care is NOT self-ish"

Gentle guidance and direction.

Why Me?

Our behaviours try to help us - YES! Even when they hurt, even when they don't seem to be working.

If we only want to fix our behaviours, go to Google - there are hundreds of answers there.

If we want to understand ourselves, learn, appreciate the amazing person that we already are, then my suggestion is that Counselling Phil style - connection and curiosity - may give you the understanding and tools to be able to grow and have a healthier life. Let's change the "need" for the behaviours, and they will change themselves. We are not a diagnosis - we are a human being experiencing life.

A quote from Pema Chodrin - "The purpose is not to change ourselves, rather to make friends with who we already are".

Sometimes we can just get a hint of who we are - and need a safe way to find it.

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